Liposuction / Lipostyling

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Many people suffer from problem areas such as abdomen, legs and buttocks that are difficult to access despite sport and a change in diet. Unfortunately, a weight loss frequently results in an undesirable loss of adipose tissue, in such cases, and at a mental burden a “liposuction” (liposuction) is an efficient method for dealing with particular problem areas. Stomach, legs, chest, flanks and back can be treated in a particular good way. For the face, neck, and arms, there are appropriate procedures through which desired results can be achieved.

In the run-up of a surgery individual advice is essential to determine whether liposuction is the best method to solve the problems. An important prerequisite for an optimal result is, for example, a good skin elasticity, as a skin excess can occur which does not resolve by itself. In order to exclude the other methods of tissue tightening that are more suitable for you, we carry out a detailed analysis and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

A “Liposuction” is an outpatient procedure usually used either under local anaesthesia (sedation) or general anaesthesia. The tissue is filled via point-like access with a special solution, and then the fat cells (usually with a vibration support) are destroyed and aspirated via a cannula.


Until puberty, the human body fat cells build up, these fat cells can grow through excessive and / or improper diet and thus lead to mental and physical stress. Through this diet, fat cells become smaller, but the number of cells remains the same. After Lipostyling ® treatment the removed fat cells cannot be reconstructed by the body. Lipostyling ® is the ideal solution to get rid of excess fat cells forever. This outpatient treatment is performed by an expert medical team under the direction of an experienced surgeon. The area to be treated is first numbed locally and then removed with fine needles. Lipostyling ® is one of the most effective way to create a beautiful body. There are no significant restrictions on professional or recreational activities for the patient.

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