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Treatment of the skin with CO2 laser and Erbium Yag Laser

Many people suffer from disruptive changes in your skin, in these cases, our specialists can use the CO2Laser, or Erbium Yag laser remedy. With these two lasers, the fine wrinkles (wrinkling) of the forehead, eyes, mouth, and cheek area are to be treated carefully. With this technique it is also possible to correct superficial vertical wrinkles in the upper and lower lip as well as disturbing, small crease wrinkles in the lower eyelids.

A completely slackened face, however, can only be treated by an operative facelift, in which all layers of skin are tightened. The laser can also be understood as a supplement to the operating face lift and to pause the delay of an operation for a few years.

The neck area is reserved for the Erbium Yag laser. Here it is also possible to smooth out superficial wrinkles and to give the neck a significantly more fresh appearance. However vigorous skin folds must be streamlined with conventional surgical procedures.

Thanks to modern technology, it is also possible to perform an upper and lower eyelid tightening by laser. Whenever the excess skin is so less that there is no need for surgical removal of a skin-muscle strip, there are no scars in this technique.

So-called benign liver spots (lentigines) may require treatment with both lasers. However, pigmentation problems remain or even small scars, which is why you should consult your doctor for alternative laser methods.

Malignant skin lesions are excluded from the laser treatment, unclear skin lesions must be cut out and examined at a cellular level.

Face Laser

The human skin is exposed over a lifetime to various environmental factors and various skin diseases that affect the skin tone, elasticity and skin texture. Face is a laser treatment, which significantly reduces deep wrinkles, scars and pigmentation disorders and additionally tightens the skin and thus contributes to a more fresh appearance. Through removal and renewal of the skin surface, a qualitative skin texture is significantly refined. The renewal of the skin surface is favoured by the partial removal of the top layer of skin, by stimulating the body’s own collagen formation a skin rejuvenation takes place.

The result is shown immediately after the treatment, the skin feels softer and the complexion is more even. In the coming months more and more improvements will occur, because the deeper layers of the skin heal effectively and collagen regeneration takes place.


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