Hair, eyelash, eyebrow transplants

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Two-thirds of all men and many women suffer from androgenetic and hormone-dependent and genetic hair loss. What to do when you realize that your hair does not grow?

You can still do something expectant against ever growing hairline or bald head!

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a medical hair restoration. Hair follicles from the back of the head area are transplanted to the clear or to areas of the head which are no longer covered with hair. The hair transplant or hair transplantation is probably the most effective technique to restore a hairstyle. The treatment is performed lying under local anaesthesia and takes between four and six hours, where the majority of the time is needed to prepare the transplants.

What methods of hair transplantation are there?

A hair transplant is always skin transplantation. Since the hair is individually not transplanted, but the skin, including hair is transplanted. Different methods are used:

1. In the strip method, at the back of the head about a one centimetre wide strip of skin is removed, in which the hair roots, including sebaceous glands and muscles are included (which straighten the hair). The hairs are distributed on the top of the head and implanted there.
2. In the single hair-method only individual hair groups with up to three hairs are removed.

Why you take hair from the back of the head?

Because the hair are there for the body and the people are hairy enough there. Alternatively, you can transplant other body hair. The disadvantage: They do not grow so nicely and always stay shorter.

Scars remain?

In the strip method usually a thin, nearly invisible scar is left on the back of the head, which is, however, concealed from the other hair.

How long does the procedure take? And how much does the hair transplant cost?

This depends on the quantity of transplanted hair. Usually you have to expect about four to six hours of operation. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient is discharged home usually directly after the treatment. He must take care for some time after it and must not exercise four weeks. Sauna and solarium are also not recommended for four weeks.

Cost: The costs will be agreed at a consultation appointment, the amount depending on the method and the number of hair transplants.

From when you can comb your hair again?

The final result with full head of hair is achieved only after about twelve months. As long as it takes until all the hair grow properly again. The next day after surgery you can wash your hair again and comb. Of course, each patient receives a detailed guide for the care of the head and the behaviour after the operation.

How long does the hair remain?

A lifetime! Because the genetic information from the back of the head is transplanted along. Important to know: The transplanted hairs are therefore on their own and can be washed just like any other hair, cut and safely be coloured or tinted. After successful hair transplant no special care is needed and of course no hair restorer.

Hair transplants for other body parts: Today, transplants are not only possible in the upper head area, but also in case of the following problems:

Reconstruction of eyebrow, loss of eyelashes, beard replacement, filling of missing hair approaches after facelifts etc. scarred traumatic alopecia (fire and wound injury) burned alopecia areata.

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