Dr. med. Malte M. Villnow

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Dr. Malte M. Villnow (57), the renowned surgeon, began his training with Professor Eduard Ferber in Dusseldorf. Since 1990 he is a specialist in surgery. After he gained valuable experience in sports medicine, he specialized in the aesthetic surgery with a focus on hair transplant. In 1993 he started his own business with this specialized area and now owns clinics in Belgium and the private hospital in Breidenbacher Hof. In his clinics, among other numerous hair transplants, liposuction and abdominoplasty surgeries were performed under his direction. Villnow also developed the Villnow method for hair transplantation named after him using a special laser (Hairlase ®), as well as the Lipostyling®.

The renowned surgeon holds lectures and goes on teaching tours, as the one to Professor Ivo Pitanguy, one of the renowned specialists for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in Brazil. He also writes for specialists journals. In Germany, through television appearances on major networks, he is known to a wide audience.

Dr. Malte M. Villnow was also a full member of the International Society of Hair Restoration, the European Society of Hair Restoration, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as well as a primary member of the Scientific Advisory Board and co-editor of Mednova beauty Guides in Germany.

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The Clinic is situated right on the famous “Königsallee”, Dusseldorf’s premier shopping street, next to the historic old town of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is connected to the world via the Dusseldorf International Airport (only 20 minutes ride), one of the busiest and most striking airports in Europe. The Rheinbahn moves throughout the city, while the Deutsche Bahn railway (only 5 minutes ride from and to Central Railway Station) network opens the entire country to explore.
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