Couperose and spider veins treatment

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Women and men, regardless of their size, stature, age or any other health condition suffer from the striking red and blue stain. Spider veins are generally perceived as an aesthetic disturbance factor, which do not disappear without a corresponding treatment – sport and healthy diet can only help a little.

Medically seen, spider veins (the technical term for this is varicose, spider veins are only one part) are enlarged veins, depending on the type of vein, they also can be capillaries, arterioles or venules. The reason for this is often a permanent increased pressure on the corresponding blood vessels, these are caused by the leak of the deep venous valves in the vessel area. However, one should bear in mind that spider veins also represent a potential precursor to varicose veins.

For the removal of spider veins there are different methods. If the spider veins are still quite fine and not very visible, we recommend laser therapy to achieve results. In strongly pronounced spider veins, one should consider the operative obliteration of the male, whereby sclerosant injections adhere inside walls together, thus they are deserted. If spider veins already at an advanced stage and therefore medically are likely to be classified as varicose veins, a surgical operation may be necessary.

In addition to spider veins that occur mainly on the legs and basically in the lower body, there is also the so-called Couperose. It has the same medical phenomenon, but occurs in the upper half of the body, and much rarer. Unfortunately, it can also lead to very disturbing visible vascular dilations in the face, this is generally perceived as more stressful for the patient. Through continuously visible vascular structures, the overall impression of a face may be disturbed. In this case, a removal of dilated veins in each case is useful.

Seek advice from our renowned team of experts, we recommend you the suitable method for you.

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