Breast Surgery

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Breast Augmentation

The female breast is the symbol of femininity and therefore very important for the self-esteem of a woman. Some women suffer from their small breasts, have self-doubt, inferiority complexes and thus do not feel like a real woman. Our renowned surgeons help these women to achieve self-confidence with a breast augmentation. Since your welfare and high quality are very important to us, we use only high-quality implants made of silicone and own fat to build a new breast.

An augmentation plastic surgery (breast augmentation) with implants is exclusively for women whose breasts are little or not developed. If the breast has shrunk due to pregnancy or a strong weight loss is present, it can be later helped by a surgical procedure. We attach great importance to ensuring that the choice of the size of the breast implants adapts to the proportions the rest of the body of patient. Some women have suffered for too long from their flat breast and often want an unrealistic increase in breast size. Our renowned team of doctors advise these patients to do this, because the breasts will look unnatural and may cause a higher risk of complications with long-term consequences.

Breast reduction / breast lifting

A very large breast may also constitute a burden for some women. These women feel bad because of their reduced breast or are affected by severe weight shift. If the breast is exposed to a strong weight reduction or pregnancy, the breast may lose its shape and strength, thus leading to a so-called “sagging breasts”. Since these patients may therefore not look like their aesthetic beauty ideal, this may lead to physical and emotional stress. Our team of experts can help you with a breast reduction or a breast lift back to a beautiful chest and you can therefore enjoy your femininity carefree again. A breast reduction is done not only for aesthetic reasons, in some cases, doctors advise for health reasons to undergo surgery.

Breast nipples correction

For many women the form of a breast nipple is very important for aesthetic reasons, since a variety of malformations are present. Both the nipple and the atrial may be different from the norm, so our medical team must distinguish whether a nipple or areola correction must be performed. A malformation of the nipple can cause quite a few medical problem, aesthetic include asymmetrical nipples, hypertrophic and thick nipples and inverted nipple.

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