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With increasing age, everyone gets wrinkles; these are mainly caused by volume loss of connective tissue and human facial expressions. There are many methods of wrinkle treatments, we are happy to advise you in an individual consultation which treatment method is right for you personally.

Botulinumtoxin A

For the treatment of facial wrinkles, Botulinumtoxin A provides an ideal solution. Botox is particularly well suited for the treatment of superficial eye, forehead and frown lines. To weaken the muscles thus one needs Botulinumtoxin A to block the signal transmission of nerve to the muscle, and thus reduces the resulting creases. In case of injections with Botulinumtoxin A, the dosage is very crucial. We attach great importance to the fact that you get a relaxed, natural facial expression after the injections. The effects are not immediate, but appear after a few days.


Through “Lipofilling” fat cells are removed with the help of fine tubes in certain regions of the body, specially prepared and placed in the appropriate wrinkles. It is recommended where appropriate to repeat the lipofilling several times until the desired result is achieved because only half of the fat survives. The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis (in twilight), the visible effects have subsided after about three to ten days.

Hyaluron filler

Hyaluron is an endogenous substance which stores a large part of the natural moisture. Today, hyaluronic acid is produced synthetically and modified in addition, so that the degradation is slowed down by the body’s enzymes. Since the content of the body’s own Hyaluron decreases at an age of 25, less moisture is stored and the skin looses elasticity and resilience.

A wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid is particularly recommended in the treatment of deep facial wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid is ideal for replenishing skin lines, by injecting into the folds the hyaluronic acid raises the skin texture, this is then adapted to the surrounding tissue. Hyaluronic acid binds water and thus leads to skin moistening, simultaneously neutralizes free radicals and therefore has strong anti-inflammatory effect. Because of this property, the risk of allergy in the treatment of wrinkleswith hyaluronic acid is significantly lower than with other collagens.

Since hyaluronic acid is naturally degraded, one should repeat the injection after 6-8 months.

PRP method / “Dracula Therapy”

A special feature in aesthetic medicine is the PRP method (Platelet-Rich Plasma) to combat skin rejuvenation. This is a special preparation from your personal blood, so this method is also called “Dracula Therapy”. The processing of the PRP lasts approximately 7 minutes, which is then re-injected immediately. The treated blood contains highly concentrated blood proteins, as well as specific growth factors and platelets. These stimulate cell regeneration, collagen synthesis and skin regeneration and like other “filler” are sprayed where the creases are to be treated. Treatment with PRP is absolutely natural and very effective, foreign substances from the outside can also be avoided.

Basically, the PRP method is not only used to improve the skin texture, skin tightening, and wrinkle smoothing, but also for the volume build up in the face.

The result of the PRP is an improved complexion with a renewal of the skin and connective tissue from the inside, thus the smooth wrinkles and the skin look healthier. The effect is long lasting, but the skin needs some time to regenerate. The results of a PRP treatment are visible up to 2 years.

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