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If an operation does require hospitalization, the care is provided in the ultra-modern bed tract of private clinic. Medical personnel are available to patients around the clock to provide care.  Then it is up to the patient to go to the luxury hotel Breidenbacher Hof to continue the recovery there. The direct connection to the luxury hotel also guarantees the escorts a constant and thus unique geographical proximity.

There you can indulge yourself in one of the stylish and comfortable furnished rooms with unparalleled service and all the amenities of the hotel, such as the round-the-clock service of “Personal Assistant”, the Schnitzler Beauty Lounge or the fitness-room. Thus, the patient can recover, relax and become healthy faster. A doctor and sufficient medical staff are always close at hand to ensure the medical well-being of the patient. The good souls of the “Pearl of Aesthetic” look after all questions and requests, such as the specialized medical team.

Friendliness and competence is a fundamental maxim in the “Pearl of Aesthetic” and the patient feels it from the first meeting until the dismissal. We ensure that you can recover pleasantly after surgery or treatment and can to go home recovered again.

About the Destination
The Clinic is situated right on the famous “Königsallee”, Dusseldorf’s premier shopping street, next to the historic old town of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is connected to the world via the Dusseldorf International Airport (only 20 minutes ride), one of the busiest and most striking airports in Europe. The Rheinbahn moves throughout the city, while the Deutsche Bahn railway (only 5 minutes ride from and to Central Railway Station) network opens the entire country to explore.
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