Couperose and spider veins treatment
Women and men, regardless of their size, stature, age or any other health condition suffer from the striking red and blue stain.
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Reconstructive Surgery
Our team of experts daily deals with the restoration of defects of the entire body, such as, after accidents, burns, stab wounds, gunshot wounds, scar correction and the treatment of consequences after malignant diseases.
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Laser treatments
Many people suffer from disruptive changes in your skin, in these cases, our specialists can use the CO2Laser, or Erbium Yag laser remedy.
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Anti-aging treatments / Skin rejuvenation / Botulinumtoxin A / Hyaluron filler
With increasing age, everyone gets wrinkles; these are mainly caused by volume loss of connective tissue and human facial expressions. There are many methods of wrinkle treatments, we are happy to advise you in an individual consultation which treatment method is right for you personally.
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Facial Surgery
The elastic fibres of the skin lose clamping force over time, thus the skin in the face and neck often relaxes.
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Breast Surgery
The female breast is the symbol of femininity and therefore very important for the self-esteem of a woman.
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Hair, eyelash, eyebrow transplants
Two-thirds of all men and many women suffer from androgenetic and hormone-dependent and genetic hair loss.
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Liposuction / Lipostyling
Many people suffer from problem areas such as abdomen, legs and buttocks that are difficult to access despite sport and a change in diet.
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Genital Surgery / incontinence treatment
Stress urinary incontinence is one of the most troublesome problems for women considered to have a negative impact on the psyche and limitation in quality of life.
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Nowadays, not only women, but more and more men suffer from sagging skin in the abdominal area. A common cause is a strong weight loss.
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About the Destination
The Clinic is situated right on the famous “Königsallee”, Dusseldorf’s premier shopping street, next to the historic old town of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is connected to the world via the Dusseldorf International Airport (only 20 minutes ride), one of the busiest and most striking airports in Europe. The Rheinbahn moves throughout the city, while the Deutsche Bahn railway (only 5 minutes ride from and to Central Railway Station) network opens the entire country to explore.
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