rp-online.de from 5.11.13
Luxus-Makler Marcel Remus wollte schon immer dichteres Haar. Jetzt ließ er sich Haarwurzeln verpflanzen
02 May 2014 in Press
Spiegel.de from 12.4.2013
Klopp's hair transplant. The Trans-Hair of the Year The result has become quite cool, right? Soccer coach Jurgen Klopp has undergone a hair transplant - now confirmed the BVB coach. His receding hairline had previously been impossible to overlook.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Welt.de from 13.04.2013
... Hair Transplant place in our private clinic - Behind the milky glass door on the fifth floor of the Breidenbacher courtyard is the private hospital of the hotel.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Derwesten.de from 14.09.2011
Thousands of patients from abroad can be a year in the private clinic in the luxury hotel" Breidenbacher Hof "in Dusseldorf deal with. A night in the neighboring Presidential suite costs 7,000 euros.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Dusseldorf has a new exclusive address for expert medical services from a single source.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Bild.de from 15.04.2013
JURGEN Klopp NEW HAIR SPLENDOR - Hair-OP: So it is not all it is .... Klopp was in the spring of 2012 in the" "operate Breidenbacher courtyard at the King Avenue in Dusseldorf private clinic in the house of Dr. Malte Mathias Villnow.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Bild.de from 02.01.2013
NEW TREND IN DUSSELDORF - For high heels I let my feet clapboard Walking on high heels on a cloud - which will now make the injections of hyaluronic acid in the soles possible.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Welt.de from 23.11.2013
A female Nightmare - More and more women also suffer from hair loss are to blame stress, hormones, genetics The Prblem but can be treated effectively.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
RP-Online.de from 14.12.2012
Rumor has it that Demi Moore can be treated with autologous blood in a Dusseldorf hospital. The so-called Dracula therapy is generally considered as a trend in aesthetic medicine.
09 Apr 2014 in Press
Bunte.de vom 06.12.2013
He is one of the most successful and coolest actors in Germany. Wotan Wilke Möhring now give the hair of the stars on the scene puzzles: Suddenly they appear fuller ...
09 Apr 2014 in Press
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